Tech: Creating a slide show

Creating a slide show/video using Premier Pro

I have been using Lightroom and Photoshop for several years but have not used video. I decided to use Adobe Premier Pro as it integrates well with the other Adobe photo programs.

I heading towards integrating text and slide images in a Vimeo presentation (I have completed two trial slide show videos about selling my son’s dilapidated car and a short trial of my A4 project which my OCA buddies and a tutor made comments on.

My learning and reflections

Something you must not do!

I can be a bit sloppy about where my edited audio and image files are kept depending on when they are developed. I made a major mistake of not saving the edited image files in the same file as the Premier Pro folder which also needs to include any jpegs or other files that you when you export the final presentation. Initially the presentation did not include some of the audio as they were not in the project folder and I had to search for them; this was a lot of hassle. Premier Pro only creates a link to image file you have imported and there are limits to it’s ability to find it if not in the project folder.

Critical point: Make sure you keep all your audio, images, premier pro files in the same folder.


Integrating text for the slide show this works very well. You can either write text for titles in the Premier Pro (PP) workspace (File/New/Title) or by (File/New/Photoshop) which brings you to  PS workspace with layers where more graphic elements can be created.


My audio files were an important part of my presentation. On my trial presentation I notice a lot of hissing on the quieter moments of Adrian’s interview – these were intrusive. I downloaded Audacity ( to remove the hissing; this worked very very well. Next time I record using my audio recorder I will look at what I can do ahead of time, but this programme works well. I was not sure about the wave formats and saved it from an MP3 file to an Apple PCM 16 bit file for my MAC as I had problems with other saves including as a new MP3 or MP4 file. Audio is still virgin learning territory for me.

I also imported some ‘dark music,’ some wave music and an heart monitor sound, including it stopping – a cardiac arrest or death. All of this audio was copyright free.

Creating the slide show

This was iterative with editing the 22 minutes to 8 minutes first. The heart attack images had a first faze of lots of cluttered images which I replaced with a single image of half a chest and nipple; this simpler image was more effective and helped the text to stand out.


The best learning resources are from the Adobe site  Initially I used Youtube but this generated a few bad habits about manipulating audio which I had to unlearn after only a few days use.