Creating a film for A5

Creating a film for A5

I have made friends with a film student, Luca Caruso (, who helped me to produce my first film. My intention was for him to help me work through the technicalities of using my Nikon D810 to show the mock-up of my of my A5 photobook. He helped me do that and indeed the setting up was simpler than I thought. My original idea was just to film turning over the pages of the book and giving a commentary, but his intention was to do something more ambitious, that included me and some of the setting here at my home.

We spent a great deal of time looking at light, regulating sound and had one trial run and then a real run. I realised that his suggestion of including me with the book was powerful when we looked at the first trial. I was better on the second run.

What I learnt

  1. Context is important and while I am trying to avoid clutter in images the person and background also speak of this book which is about an aspect of my life
  2. I only have strobes and could have done with some lights to illuminate the scene; we used daylight coming into my room with a white reflector.
  3. It is complex but logical in setting up the camera – I have those notes
  4. My friend Luca did not use any automatic settings – just like me and my photography. We looked at issues of Kelvin, vocal response rates and shutter speed – he used 1/50 for all his films.

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