Yeondoo Jung

Yeondoo Jung


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These images remind me of the ‘Aspiration’ project by Les Monaghan but are much more stylish and at $6-9,000 an image probably a lot more expensive. Some of the images have text and some do not. These are contrived images but with excellent posing and framing. In this set of images I like the mirroring of the mop with the Inuit spear.

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 16.19.32.png

This image has text, rather like my draft for A2 but it is the consistency of duplication of the image which is impressive. There must be good lighting too as these are dark areas. The text adds to what is there.

Wonderland is a series of photographs of children’s drawings which have been actualized. The effect is transcendent. In 1989 for the Department of Health I interviewed GP about their attitudes to HIV and AIDS. This was at a time of great public and professional anxiety about AIDS. I asked the GPs to draw what they felt about AIDs. There were several significant drawings the most striking of which was a GP in a full body hazard suit with a cloud above him with the word AIDS raining down on him. My practice is heading to trying to actualise aspects of health and social care that I am interested in and that other photographers are not covering. My tutor suggested this as an idea for A3 but I may use this further on in my work. I think the truth is drawing, like those inkblot test (also called the “Rorschach” test), can reveal personality characteristics and emotional functioning. It also has a place in determining whether someone is psychotic.