Victor Burgin

Victor Burgin

I have seen this type of presentation many times in galleries but it hasn’t occurred to me that I could present my work in this way. ’25 feet two hours’ is a collection of images and cards with writing on them. It reminds me of the ’In Soccer Wonderland Souvenir Stamp Album’ printed by Julian Germain who is a master of presentation (IMHO) Burin’s work feels more ‘for the gallery’ and Germain’s ‘for the people.’ There is more on Germain on another tab.


English conceptual artist, writer and photographer. He studied painting at the Royal College of Art from 1962 to 1965 and philosophy and fine art at Yale University from 1965 to 1967. From the late 1960s he adhered to Conceptual art using combinations of photographic images and printed texts to examine the relationship between apparent and implicit meaning. In his Lei Feng series (1973; London, Tate), for example, he drew on semiotic, psychoanalytic and feminist theory to decode structures of representation. A teacher and theoretician, he published numerous writings on art theory and criticism, with particular concern for Postmodernistaesthetics.

I did like some of his more abstract compositions such as the one below which suggests layers of meaning about time and its relationship with people. His images are intentionally abstract and cool and there will certainly be a place for this style rather than the colour of Germain. I am planning to use this composition technique in some of my photographs in A4 and A5.