Sharon Lockhart

Sharon Lockhart

Lockhart is a Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker whose work draws on and extends a specific strain of Western visual culture characterized by precise, contemplative observation of the everyday, from Northern European paintings by Vermeer and Friedrich to the structuralist and ethnographic cinema of Michael Snow and Jean Rouch. She is interested in that moment when the quotidian and ineffable are synched together in an endless loop, the “is it live or is it Memorex?” of contemporary experience as simultaneously lived and imagined.

Some images;


I liked the cinematic appearance of these images; they could be stills from a David Lean film. It is a bold claim in the quotation above that her images raise the question of whether they are live or staged but there is that sense that they inhabit that hinterland.

I also like the darkness and muted colour in the images. I have a new black background for my studio and am keen to use this to create mood for one of my assignments. There is also an evenness and consistency in the lighting which I have not quite mastered in my own work – A2 initial submission being an example. I realised that at the time but left the smaller images in, it is like cooking in the sense that if the cooked ingredient is not right you leave it off the plate, make it again or do something different. I speak as Central Surgery Baker 2016.