Luke Stephenson

Luke Stephenson

TheyMadeThis. Luke Stephenson. 2014.

I like his work. Why? It is colourful, internally consistent in representation of his subject (like Bernd and Hilla Becher but more interesting as in ‘Spectacle Wearers’ and ’99×99.’) and their is wit and charm in his images. The object is the thing in his images and not extraneous other subjects to clutter the scenes.


‘Spectacle Wearers’ Luke Stephenson

Perhaps my main images in A2 are similar to the ones about with very similar shadowing. I tried to keep the image simple but probably used too many props.

One of the series I like most was ’99×99′ where ’99’ ice cream cones and shown with their locality. My original presentation of A2 had two images although the ‘Sternfeld’ like images were not consistent in photography or presentation.


Elsewhere in his advertising he used strong background colours for his fashion shoots. I like these.

His work reminds me of that of Julian Jermaine in colour, repetition and presentation.