Jim Goldberg

Jim Goldberg

His most famous work is ‘Raised by Wolves’ http://www.jimgoldberg.com which “combines ten years of original photographs, text, and other illustrative elements (home movie stills, snapshots, drawings, diary entries, and images of discarded belongings) to document the lives of runaway teenagers in San Francisco
and Los Angeles.” It reminds me of ‘Firestorm’ which would be a contemporary version of this mixed media presentation. I have been planning to do a multimedia presentation for A 4 which will be about someones near death experience and their premonition dream. I have a new mike for my D810 to try improve audio capture.

I was drawn to another work by him on how to produce a folded paper book. I realise that prints and output matter a great deal and I always print my material once I am happy with it to ensure that the quality is there and a practice for the future. I am not sure if this will be one of my outputs in this module but if not I will keep it up my sleeve as I want to experiment with all options.



I like the superimposition of image on text and am going to use this in A5 which I am already shooting. I think that this gives me the confidence/legitimacy to do this as I have been ambivalent about the idea of combing a text with an image shot casually in a kitchen.



This is another great idea for A5. My daughter talked to me about her ‘Salvage Chemotherapy’ Maybe she would be prepared to write her own quote on the image I will fabricate? A 5 will be unsettling and perhaps adding personal extracts hand written from my diary might work well.There is something about personal writing and authenticity.

I like collages and have done an Andy Warhol inspired one for EYV but maybe there is scope in A5 to do that for one idea. Here is a Goldberg presentation idea where the marked selection marks are included. Those marks suggest the process and artistry and opacity for the viewer.



I think that it is the diversity of presentation that is interesting. You get a sense of it being ordered chaos and perhaps reflective of his personality. But it could be all purely intentional and all the more impressive if it is.

Increasingly I am thinking about a mixed media presentation for A5 with perhaps extracts straight from my diary as they are interesting and powerful and could annotate the images. My writing is terrible but that is me and perhaps that is interesting to people. I have been thinking of the them of dislocation for A5 and this approach would be unsettling and fit with the narrative.