Adrian Sommeling

30th May, 2016

Adrian Sommeling

I have been interested In Adrian Sommeling’s work for sometime. He is a Dutch photographer noted for his constructed works.

I like that there is a story, they are colourful and highly saturated and have situations that you cannot realise naturally.


Sommeling has been producing images for less than a decade. He quotes as one of his main influences as Dave Hill (Passant, A. 2015). Hill is a more experienced photographers with a larger portfolio and range of work than Sommeling (Hill, D. 2016). I think they lack the wit and charm of Sommeling’s work. I intend to produce some portraits of my own using one of his tutorials; I am currently half way through and it may be that I use some of his ideas in Assignment 2 where I cam looking at ‘alter ego’ or ‘anti-hero’ portraits done in a studio. More later.


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