‘Shade into Shade’ exhibition by Jorma Puranen

3rd June 2016

‘Shade into Shade’ exhibition by Jorma Puranen, Harewood House, Yorkshire

Puranen is a Finnish photographer whom I have not seen before. The images in this exhibition have been commissioned to celebrate, to photograph images informed by the landscapes created by Capability Brown, and a poem about light and shade. There are also photographs of the Finnish landscape to contrast.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 16.52.14

‘Brown’s Prospect,’ 2015, Jorma Puranen

The method used was to photograph the reflection of a landscape on a painted board acting as a mirror.


Many of the images look like landscapes or objects taken through a rain smeared window. Some of the landscapes, painted by Turner no less, remain recognisable as landscapes with fields, trees and animals but the most interesting are the edited landscapes of trees and other objects taken in 2008  which feel very Scandinavian in nature; natural, simple and suggest that watery nordic sun.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 16.52.53

‘Icy Prospects 47,’ 2008, Jorma Puranen

I like this ideas of distorting the image and may use something like this in a future assignment.

Here are other examples of his work – I liked the enlarged images in the snow; I used a similar approach in my last module. The high key lighting of the painting is to show the surface of it and is unlike normal gallery lighting for taking an image. http://www.purdyhicks.com/display.php?aID=21#11