4.3 Storyboard

Exercise 4.3

Brief:Create a storyboard where the image does not depend on the text and the text adds something new to the narrative.

This exercise is a light-hearted look at the role of image and text. Aim for it to be around 10 frames long. Draw the picture storyboard first and then add the text. Note how the story is affected when the text is added.

Preliminary thoughts

This is a fun exercise. I am missing doing work about NHS health care in my assignments as this whole area interests me enormously: see my previous blogs. My first thought was to have 10 frames of an anxious person visiting the GP  with a textual narrative which is completely at odds with that shown experience. For example, my last frame could be of the patient retching with relief at the end of the visit but the text will be like someone reflecting on a day trip to the seaside; “Jack enjoyed his day-trip enormously and is planning to return soon to make other new friends.” Let’s give it a go!

On this occasion I am going to persuade one of my staff to do this while at work and take lots of frames quickly to show the story of someone visiting a surgery with a health problem. We will then let the text happen as is suggested but the trouble is I am thinking about text already – hold back.

I was not at work so I decided to photograph my family’s Easter trip to Durham City. While taking images on my camera and iPhone I came up with a visual story which is here. The text is taken from Wikipedia and various local tourism sites. The text is factual but ironic and a counter to image.

‘Welcome to Durham’

Durham (16 of 18)Durham was created a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site in 1986, under the title ‘Durham Castle and Cathedral’.

Durham (4 of 18)

The historical city centre of Durham has changed little over the past 200 years. Symeon of Durham stated: “To see Durham is to see the English Sion and by doing so one may save oneself a trip to Jerusalem[5]


Durham (6 of 18)Durham University has an international reputation for excellence, as reflected by its ranking in the top 100 of the world’s universities.[71]


Durham (7 of 18)Durham is a hilly city, claiming to be built upon the symbolic seven hills. Upon the most central and prominent position high above the Wear, the cathedral dominates the skyline. The steep riverbanks are densely wooded, adding to the picturesque beauty of the city.

Durham (18 of 18)
 The Market Place and peninsula form the UK’s first (albeit small) congestion charging area, introduced in 2002.[84]
Durham (10 of 18)
The region has some very special ‘northern’ delicacies.
Durham (14 of 18)
Showcasing these recipes is another great way of highlighting local produce as well as local talent. Some recipes are traditional classics using great local produce with a twist, and others reveal how local chefs can be creative with just a couple of local ingredients.
Durham (8 of 18)
Help support local traders by coming to one of the events arranged around Small Business Saturday on… The day aims to support high streets across the country by encouraging people to ‘think big, shop small’.
Durham (12 of 18)
Enjoy a memorable experience and visit Durham, which boasts an illustrious medieval past, a superb blend of heritage and culture. Visit Durham Cathedral and the adjacent Durham Castle, explore Open Treasures the Cathedral’s world class exhibition space.
Durham (17 of 18)
Road works will affect bus services operating between North Road and Milburngate, starting Monday 3rd October 2016 until the end of November 2016. The works will cease for the whole of December before restarting in January 2017.