A 5: My Evaluation

A 5: My Evaluation

My evaluation

This is my self-evaluation against OCA quality criteria. The next tab is a copy of my tutor’s written feedback and my responses to it.

1. My evaluation against OCA Quality Criteria

1.1 Demonstration of technical and visual skills – Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. 

This is a personal, diaristic and documentary work. I have created a photobook, based on a personal diary, which is interesting and affective. The output is the fabrication of the photobook with note-book contained within a beautiful black container. This is effective work and while there are limitations to the quality of the work, such as creases in the wrong places, it works as a whole.

1.2 Quality of outcome – Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas. 

I have taken my feeling and ideas and translated them into a story that others will recognise. Initially I found it hard to represent the unseen but with guidance from my tutor and looking a work such as that of Uta Barth I began to understand the necessity and value of images with ‘poetic ambiguity.’ I started to look for and create those images.

My working practice is iterative in that I research then plan then shoot then do more research then do something else. I think that comes across in my blog. You have to go down a few ‘cul-de-sacs’ sometimes to find what you are looking for. I also think that my blog is honest and communicates my ideas well. I am going to develop the learning blog additions in my next module.


1.3 Demonstration of creativity – Imagination, experimentation, invention. 

The decision to create a photobook based on a medical folder is imaginative and is a reflection of my identity as a doctor. I have not seen anything like this. There was a lot of trial and error in creating the book(s) and their contents; it was frustrating because of the need to be precise in fabricating these.


1.4 Context – Reflection, research, critical thinking. 

This assignment is the best example of how my journey has progressed. I started it a year ago, just after I enrolled, and completed it only recently. In that time my photography has moved from being literal to more inventive and ambiguous where I leave room for the viewer to bring their own experiences and ideas into the frame.

I am an iterative person in my approach to research and image taking but the principle of shooting and re-shooting, reflecting and researching has become part of my practice. This was ‘forced’ on me by my tutor but I think that it reflects ‘real world’ photography (and practice in other professions such as medicine) where conclusions are sometimes tentative and evolve over time.

1.5 Possible future areas of work

I am going back to some interests which have been on my ‘back-burner’ for some time. These include looking at NHS whistleblowers and reversing diabetes and completing a commission (A3) on ‘Recovery.’

2.1 Link to Tutor’s feedback, my responses and changes made

That is on the next tab.